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- Heusso Serigraphs -
Collectible Cat Artwork

Meet... Heusso

One of Australia’s Top Artists,
Mark Heussenstamm (aka) HEUSSO has been producing Colorful Whimsical Artwork, for the young at heart, for more than 40 years!

Heusso’s art includes whimsical cat and animal artwork along with colorful wood and metal sculptures.

Mark has always found humor in animals, especially in cats and it shows up in all his wonderful cat artwork.

See for yourself…

Mark Heussenstamm - Heusso -

Heusso's Fine-Art Serigraphs are limited edition, numbered, titled and signed by Heusso Himself. Comes with a letter of Authenticity - Highly Collectible -

If you love cats - you need one of these wonderful whimsical Heusso Serigraphs!

These are High Quality Renditions of Original
"Sold-Out Works of Art"

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- Order Yours Today -
For a limited time while supplies last!

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Gallery Quality Artwork
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- Framed Examples -

19"x 16"

- We only have a limited amount of Serigraphs left -

Actual Size of Serigraph... 17"x 14"

“House Cat”

“Cat Nap”

“Love 15”

“Cat Scan”

“The Good, The Bad & The Furry”

“The Fuzz”

_______________ 17"_________________

“Alley Cats”

“Cat Burglars”

"Date Palm"
Sold Out

Heusso's Art makes a wonderful gift for any cat lover!

Heusso's Fine-Art Serigraphs are limited edition, numbered,
titled and signed by Heusso Himself, and with a letter of Authenticity

Actual Size of Serigraph... 17"x 14"

“Fat Cat”

“Sourpuss on a Good Day”

“No Bones About It”

“Dog Catcher”

For a limited time while supplies last!
Two for the price of one ~ now Only - $39.00
Each One is Hand Signed by the Artist Heusso

More of Heusso's Whimsical Artwork

“Water Buffalo”

“To Moo or Not two Moo”

“Caffeine Please”


Gallery Quality Artwork
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping (within USA)

These are Large Wonderful Works of Art

Sold unframed - for framing options please contact us or 619-723-0494

More about Heusso, the Artist

  It’s no coincidence that most of Margaret River artist Mark Heussenstamm’s studios were found close to great surf. For more than 50 years he has divided his time between creating art and catching waves.

  Born in Los Angeles, the 68 year-old migrated with his wife Leslie to Australia in 1975. Known locally as “Heusso”, he says the surf is the simple reason he has stayed in Margaret River since then, though he has maintained studios in various cities in the United States.

  “I’ve had studios in several cities in Hawaii, Northern California and several in Palm Springs, Ca.”  Heussenstamm says.

 Heussenstamm’s creation include a variety of large Cat, fish and surfing sculptures. “Most of the fish will be made out of surfboards or plywood with metal pieces,” he says. 

   A self-taught artist, Heusso says his works are characterised by his use of recycled materials.

  “I’ve made pieces out of everything, from old stoves to the front ends of cars. You find some things and you go ‘Oh, I’ll make that out of that’, and then other times you go ‘Oh, I’d like to make this’, and you start gathering pieces. It’s inspiring to find stuff that you can reconstruct into something that makes people smile. Hence why they refer to what I do as constructivism, a fancy word for a scrounger.”

  His interest in giving new life to discarded materials sometimes takes him away from the surf. “A lot of people always say ‘You must be really inspired living in Margaret River because it’s so beautiful’ but you do your best work when you’re in the city because there is lots more junk there and there’s lots more stuff you can find.”

   Despite having experienced widespread international success, Heussenstamm retains a relaxed outlook on life. Still loving the surf! And still loving Australia.

What is a Serigraph?

A Serigraph is a handcrafted high quality rendition of an original piece of artwork, created by the silk-screen printing process.
A serigraph is created when paint or ink is ‘pushed’ through a silkscreen onto paper or canvas.

The silk-screen printing process uses a stencil to create the print of an image or a design.
Stencils have been used for centuries to make fine art prints. Making a serigraph is a very labor intensive process.

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